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  • From our point of view East is the more interesting sailing trip. South from Komodo towards the colder waters of the Timor Sea. From there further towards Timor, to Kupang, and after that to Alor. The dream of all dreams for all divers and amongst breathtaking scenery. Island after island. Or towards Papua, Irian Jaya to the Spice Islands, the Salomon Islands towards Sulawesi or Kalimantan.
• We are prepared to any outage - you want - we plan !!!
Of course we can pick you up on Bali. However there are approximately 300 nautical miles without any remarkable dive spot to be covered. (~2day's journey by sailing day and night)!

• The underwater photographer Wolfgang Pölzer wrote for the professional journal 'tauchen' in issue no. 4, April 2003 after a visit to Alor:

“A fantastic underwater world displays beneath our fins. In struggle of every empty space colorful sponges, sea squirts and feather stars colonize overhangs and niches. Huge schools of fresh water lips and pennon fish snatch in the current at nutrition. We let the suction pull us. Passing sharks, turtles and reef perches we fly through the endless blue. Graham is right. That's what paradise looks like. We have found it.”

• An air ticket from Bali to Komodo costs incl.
Return between €100-120, depending on the airline. The open water diver license can be done
on Bali at any time
in approximately 3-4 days for ~ € 250.