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Diving is our passion
However not only......

• “Felicia is not the outcome of a commercial investment.
Felicia is an idea.”

Cleanliness - Safety - Service
we see as our top priorities

• We serve guests from all over the world. Our aim is bringing them together, through the language of enjoyment, to form new friendships that last beyond the holiday. Above all to have lots of fun and completely relax.

• We want to offer you a recreative and hobby oriented holiday.
Therefore one demand: perpetual naggers, 100% dissatisfied and hectic people as well as negative persons don't book with us.

To wine and dine means a lot to us. Our chef, Harjo, will inspire you with his Westen / Indonesian cuisine. Soon he will become everone's darling and that is for a reason.

Good ideas for improvement are welcomed and even rewarded.
We always have a bottle of Dimpel on board.

• The fairy godmother of the establishment is called Maria Feliana she also is the mercantile head.
Not always aboard, but always available to you.
She organizes, schedules, phones and monitors for you.

You will receive a direct response.
  Diving holidays with the family
We organize 2-3 tours for families with kids
(minimum age 4 years)
The parents dive, we deal with your kids.
Inquiries for this have to be made
no later than 30.04. of each year.