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• The Komodo National Park is located in-between the islands of Sumba and Flores which belong to the Smaller Sunda Islands. Roughly 250 nautical miles from Bali it comprises a total land area of 75,000 hectares.Its biggest islands are Komodo itself (34,000 hectares) and Rinca (20,000 hectares).
• With an indefinite number of small islands (amongst others Padar, Nusa Kode, Motang), the entire area embraces a total sea area of 112,500 hectares surrounding the island group. This is the so called Komodo Marine Park, which falls in the scope of the Komodo National Park's rangers'.

In 1938 the island of Padar and the southern and western part of Rinca Island were declared a wildlife sanctuary. Not until 1965 was the island of Komodo formally integrated into this nature reserve. The Komodo National Park was officially established by governmental regulations in 1980. Soon after in 1991, the Komodo National Park was declared a “World Heritage Site”.
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Every trip within the National Park comes with an encounter of "the last dragons” on this earth the Komodo Lizards. They are only found on the islands of Rinca, Komodo and Nusa Kode. On these islands, especially on Rinca, you will come face to face with a large variety of wildlife which ends up becoming the prey of the lizards. Wild horses, water buffalos, deer, eral pigs and monkeys are listed on their menu.